Imua Malama Visioning Hui~Suki’s Shamanic Art and Dreaming Group

February 17, 2013 in Art, Healing, Inspiration by Suki Ciappara Kapinao

Imua is an ancient Hawaiian word that means to go forward with Spirit.
Malama is the Hawaiian word for Care…. This group has been formed at the request of people who are looking forward and thinking about their dreams and dreaming about their thinking.
It is a visioning group with self care wrapped all around it.

We have been having a wonderful time. Located in central Vermont- my dream is to take it on the road to different locations and offer it in this same small group setting. I am working on how to welcome the participation of interested people by a remote way such as FaceTime or Skype technology.
Using the ancient self reflective tool of shamanic dreaming, we will journey in my Suki Cave together, and then share and move into my art studio to record our experiences and insights with art making.
There will also be soup and tea and foot baths and sharing in a safe, supported space.
All materials provided. 15.00 a session, 3 sessions in the series,once a month.

If you are interested in hosting a gathering-let’s talk!

A summer hui is being organized here in Vermont sometime this summer with camping in a natural setting in the mountains.
Any questions please call me @ 477 2401 or e-mail me @

Imua! and Malama Yourself!

Mermaid Catcher Making on the beach in St.Lucia Part 1

April 5, 2012 in Art, Felting, Inspiration by Suki Ciappara Kapinao

We had a blast in the sunGoing to the beach in the back of Paul's truck

Ahhh…. Anse Chastenet in Soufriere , St . Lucia .. I was lucky enough to be invited by my mermaid -in -arms Rachael Rice to meet up with her on her visit to see her dad, Paul erickson, PhD~ who is the head gardener for The Jade Mountain Resort~ for a two week stay in paradise. We did a lot of art on the beach ~ which was heavenly~ in between bouts of mermaiding in the turquoise waters and putting the flag up for another delicious cold drink…! Rachael had her ukelele at all times , which was a great accompaniment for the setting . She taught me how to string a hoop -something she learned back in Oklahoma as a girl , and I instantly fell in love with the process .. we call them Mermaid Catchers… here are some shots of them … and many more ! Stay tuned for Part @ of our adventures in paradise…

The Mermaid’s Net ~-Felted Weaving Art Piece at John and Galen’s house, Feb. 2012

February 8, 2012 in Art, Felting, Inspiration by Suki Ciappara Kapinao

mixed media art installation with all things aquatic

A Celebration of All Things Aquatic

Last week I installed a art piece at my friends house, and I fell in love with during the process of making it …I love the ethereal quality of wool batting and how light and magical it is as a medium .. to showcase it in such a way that highlights its delicate qualities was a joy .. weaving felted strands through wire suspended between natural wood banisters, I worked in found pieces of driftwood, coral, shells and sea glass wrapped in wire … Slowly a story of the sea began to unfold …. This piece very much represents how I view the world, and my special bond with all things aquatic… It has inspired me to make smaller hoop like weavings that I call Mermaid Catchers , to help facilitate good dreams of becoming your authentic mermaid self . Because a mermaid is … happy in your skin (and scales)… able to roll with the waves of emotion you encounter , and swim with just sheer , playful joy in life , and to be able to dive deep when in deep water … A pivotal piece for me, this Mermaid’s Net.