Using Lotus Wei Flower Essences In My Classroom

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I work as an art teacher at a private high school for teens with disabilities that is on an organic farm in Central Vermont. In my art room I have been experimenting with the energy mists from Lotus Wei with my students in art class. The results have been interesting!

I started spraying the mists before class and then waited to see what reactions the students had to the different mists. I also had the opportunity to ask several students individually how they feel after exposure to them in several various settings.I also at one point was asked to “go get those magic sprays ” during a stressful moment,which was wonderful to be asked to do.
 I would say that the overall favorite was Infinite Love. Some of the comments that I wrote down were,”It reminds me of my Grama”and “It makes me feel like everything’s going to be okay” and “It makes me think about happy things”, “Yes, it reminds me of my grandparents house” and “it makes me feel like it’s a summer day.” For me, Infinite Love brings me straight into alignment with my heart chakra and makes me feel as if compassion will  prevail in most any situation I may encounter.
Quiet Mind
Some of the kids really liked Quiet Mind and some kids did not – especially a few who almost reacted as if challenged by by the scent. I surmised this might be because the mist seemed to directly to come into conflict with their often held-trauma based world view of chaotic thinking and behavior- which is their identity that they feel the need to hold on to- because it is comfortable and known – and Quiet Mind is a perceived foreign concept

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. It was interesting to observe – almost as if their inside wisdom/soul knowing was awakened by the scent ,while their outside demeanor almost seemed insulted at the same time. Other comments were :” Sunday dinner”,”Taking a drive in the car-just cruising “,”Smells like an air freshener.”

For me personally,Quiet Mind takes me to the coast of Mendocino,California to Gualala and to Sea Ranch- up in the redwood trees in the early morning. Another student- who is often very hyper and has a rather short attention span  mentioned quietly it made her feel “sleepy and calm. “
Inspired Action
 Interestingly, two students thought that this was the one that made them feel calm. An older teacher who was with us said it reminded him of the memory of going to a “Malt Shoppe”, which I concurred with as I remember as a very young kid going to the drug store soda counter after school and getting a Coke that was made from real seltzer and real Coke syrup. It is a fond memory of a lost ritual. For me, this mist creates a *POP* of recognition of the present moment right in front of me.
Quiet Mind has also helped my son with his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder perseveration (looping,stuck thoughts) and I spray it around him when he begins to say the same thing over and over again. My son Finbar, who is 23 and has spina bifuda, has always responded very positively to flower essences and he absolutely loves the mists. It is a fantastic non -pharmaceutical intervention that helps him center himself and also self -regulate emotional states,which can be challenging when you have developmental disabilities and neurological wiring that sometimes bypasses the neuro-typical transmitters.This behavioral response is sometimes also prevalent in people who have autism and traumatic brain injuries, and post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorder. Often this population is severely over medicated and ostracized further complicating the issues of feeling safe, centered and calm.These mists are such a gentle yet powerful healing intervention that over time have a quantitative effect as well. I have so much gratitude to Lotus Wei and Katie Hess for giving us this opportunity!
Inner Peace
Inner peace invoked feelings in the kids that presented both positively and negatively, mostly for the aforementioned reasons of feeling challenged by something that they perceive might change /affect their known stance. However, one student said that Inner Peace felt like “a massage in the air”(how cool is that?) and another student said it made her feel like she was “outside in a garden filled with flowers.”Another student said it felt like “caring about myself.”
  For me, Inner Peace feels like sitting on a light blue platform in a large sunlit geodesic dome made of beveled glass that is throwing rainbow refracted light in all directions,situated on top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful forest. My son likes me to spray his room at bedtime with this one, and I have taken to doing this for myself as well.
 My overall observation is that the teen students in my classroom responded to the mists in a positive way when they enter into the art room space and are actually getting used to the ones that triggered them initially – and that using them in a classroom environment directly influences the overall peacefulness and productivity that occurs there.
I think every classroom would be enhanced and supported by having these mists.
Thank you so much Katie Hess for this wonderful opportunity, it has been a great blessing.
Suki and Finbar
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