About Me

I do what I do because I love the colour and nature and magic and resiliency  that is all around +within us.

I am devoted to beauty. And creating it.

I am unafraid to speak to truth to power. I am a lioness and a proud Mama Bear. Make no mistake. I do not take no for an answer

I am excellent at finding services and supports for people-it’s what I do best in the waking world.

I know now that as you age the distillation of wisdom is to be shared and celebrated with others. That is why I teach.

I believe in Mystery and Possibility and I always have. I wouldn’t be here without the incredible support I have received from the supernatural forces that protect +guide me.

What drives me is to be a bridge for others who have different wiring to thrive and find joy in their lives. Because I live it -with my son, who was born with spina bifida. My daughter,too has been and is an enormous teacher to me- like looking in a mirror- except her wings are so much stronger than mine!

I’m a Tara Dancer, and am amazing at making wild delicious food, + making magic elixirs and potions and medicines + flower essences from the lush abundance of my circular garden here in the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

The jewels in my hands that I offer to the world  are an array of colours and textures~ each one radiating with a sense of creative freedom that I crave in my own life + a desire to help others find in theirs.

I worship the deep, rich verdant soul of the natural world and am learning to listen when She speaks to me.

The ocean is my church, as are the mountains. I love nothing better than to paddle into the shimmering sparkles on my SUP board- that’s my bliss right there.  And I can also see clearly that with the earth changes that are occurring and the collapse of so many things we have taken for granted that  I (we) will be called upon to become -yet again- a protector, and maven. Bring it.

I’m not hitting my stride until about 80, and have always seen this in my minds eye.

There is much to be done. And healed.

I cannot and will not abide racism,white supremacy,ableism,disparaging comments about folks and I WILL interrupt it when I see it.

I can and will support the concept of ONE HUMAN FAMILY and will make it my business to be as loving +kind as possible to everyone who comes into my presence and will hope for the same in return.

It’s a start.

Let’s make Art!


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I believe that color itself heals us all.

I attended Parson’s School of Design, The Art Student’s League, and Fashion Institute of Technology, where I studied millinery design with Ann Albrizio and graduated with a BFA in Therapeutic and Fine Arts from Vermont College. I studied with Hank Wesselman and Jill Kuykendall of SharedWisdom in their Visionseeker workshops and the SharedWisdom Continuum Program series, ever deepening my personal growth and visionary and healing skills.

With my daughter Rose at Heiau of Laka, Ke’e, Kauai

With my son Finbar

With my son Finbar

Suki and Bill

With my husband Bill