Suki is one of the most creative, dynamic, industrious and passionate people I have ever met. She is an expert in diverse fields of study and practice: disability awareness/advocacy/case management, creative coaching, shamanic journeying, chef-level cooking and catering, master gardening, meditation and healing modalities, and visual arts including everything from pastel painting to needle felting to millinery. It’s been said because it’s true: Suki is truly a force of nature! She knows how to get done what needs to get done, and would be an asset to any group or organization. ~Rachael Rice, Cosmic American Productions.


Your love and commitment to your children is impressive. There are so many layers to you, Suki….but it is your open, unpretentious vulnerability and infectious joy of life which moves me so. Don’t ever lose sight of this, you are a rarity and a blessing to “know”. ~Jan Schafer


Suki creates a powerful and safe healing space that reaches into the dark and bright places of my being. Working with her hasbrought me better focus, strength and understanding in my work as a community healer

and Opinion Research Institute (MORI) of London in 1998,1. Informed patient choice .

I am so grateful for the rich ground she helps me unearth and incorporate into my life.”  ~Sandra Lory, Mandala Botanicals


Suki is a force of Nature.  She is an exuberantly gifted, prolific artist and a deeply insightful, skilled shaman. I also have the privilege of knowing her as a true mermaid. She is a passionate and fearless activist, a tirelessly devoted mother, and an experienced spiritual practitioner. I trust her completely, and would follow her anywhere. Suki is fiercely caring, impeccably responsible, and brilliantly wild. ~isa Maria, Artist


Suki is a powerful magical force of healing and love. She provides true nourishment for body and soul in a world in desperate need of nourishment that is real and true. Within her beautiful art, her luscious food, and her powerful healing sessions there is a sacred journey you can embark upon….a journey to deeply open…feed…inspire…and illuminate your most precious self. And isn’t that what we all really desire? ~Agave Mahava Mekare