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Suki Healing Arts is a multi-modal approach to healing based on using the creative process for self-care and realization.

  I create a safe space to establish a connection to the dreamtime by drumming + doing guided imagery together or journeying on your behalf.
By identifying and making vision bridges to other levels of awareness, we can help create opportunities for healing by re-connecting to our creativity, and checking in with our soul’s purpose + voice


You may choose what medium to explore, and what inner explorations to take, with guidance in a safe space.

All work done on your behalf can also be done remotely- meaning it is just as effective long distance.

We have the technology! (And it is as old as the Irish Sea where my ancestors banged their drums and lit the sacred fires.)

For more information please contact me at 


Rates 60$hr

(sliding scale and barter available for local folks with prior arrangement)


In the dreamtime